About Us

This hour long video showcases Transition projects from around the world. In order to understand all that is said on the video you will need to setup closed caption subtitles. Enjoy! It is encouraging.

Transition Missoula is a nonprofit organization through the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center. We are part of a worldwide movement with a focus on working with the Missoula Community to promote resilient, just, and sustainable lifestyles. We celebrate the progress we see happening in Missoula. Currently we are focused on promoting personal and neighbor to neighbor resilience building using the Transition Streets resources.

Transition Missoula is a part of Transition US. We receive inspiration, information and innovation through Transition US. Their website transitionus.org offers useful information, links, and free and low-cost resources

Transition Network is based where the Transition movement all began, England. There are now Transition movements worldwide. Their website has useful information, news and resources. This includes a great blog by Rob Hopkins a founder of the Transition movement. 

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