Mission Statement

Transition Missoula facilitates a citizen-led process of fostering a resilient, vibrant community while strengthening our local economy. Transition Missoula is confident that we can all not merely survive future challenges, but truly flourish.

Transition Missoula was born on many fronts. Foremost, the people of Missoula have already created a vibrant city exemplifying many of the essential elements needed for transition. This foundation has inspired several to engage with the concept of the Transition Towns Initiative.

Transition Missoula is a timely initiative in the collective sustainability field that directly addresses many of our society’s most pressing environmental and social issues. The Transition Missoula initiative works to help transform and advance the current dialogue confronting climate change, economic instability, erosion of communities, loss of biodiversity, domestic air and water pollution, and increasing strains on limited natural resources that are commonly taken for granted as renewable and ever-affordable. In Missoula Montana, we are not alone in our plight to transition away from our reliance on  fossil fuels. In the transition movement, there are currently  transition communities and cities in the United States, and  globally, who believe if we wait for governments to take action it will be too little too late. If we rely solely on intrepid and dedicated individuals, it will be too little. The transition initiative believes integrated community-scale organizations provide the most promising means to achieve meaningful and sustainable change.

The Transition Handbook provides a useful framework for understanding the reasoning and strategies behind the “Transition” movement.   


Copies are available for loan:  1 copy at the Missoula Public Library (call # 333.7913Hopkins);  1 copy is available at UM’s Mansfield Library (call #333.79H795T) and a copy is available at the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center (JRPC) in Missoula. 


The handbook is available for sale at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Missoula, the JPRC – and online.

The framework for developing TM is based partly on the book by Rob Hopkins entitled:
The Transition Handbook