SAVE money, energy, and water. LIVE better, waste less. GROW food and community.  Bring Transition Streets to your neighborhood!

Transition Missoula Presents

Transition Streets

Transition Streets  is a resource for neighbors to use to build resilience together. Guided by a user-friendly handbook, you can join with a handful of your neighbors to read and discuss clear and easy actions you can take. This involves simple living, resource sharing and collaboration for resilience. Have fun, become more connected with your neighbors and build personal resilience. Participants of Transition Streets saved money, reduced their carbon footprint and built community.

Ask Yourself

  • Do you have a local support network?

  • Are you self- and community- sufficient

  • Do you have personal resilience?

  • Could you and your neighbors benefit from a Transition Streets group?

What we will do to help you get started.

  1. Meet with you to give you guidance on how to start a Transition Streets group in your neighborhood.

  2. Make the materials needed available at low or no cost.

  3. Attend your first group meeting.

  4. Remain available if you have questions or need support as you go through the handbook.

  5. Attend your last group meeting.

  6. Share your group’s experiences and evaluations with others.

What you do.

  1. Meet with a Transition Missoula person to learn how to start a Transition Streets group in your neighborhood.

  2. Contact people in your neighborhood to find those that might be interested in being a part of a Transition Streets group.

  3. Hold a first meeting with interested neighbors and a Transition Missoula helper.

  4. Attend a total of 7 neighborhood meetings guided by the Transition Streets handbook.

  5. Celebrate and share your group’s experiences.

Want more information visit the national  Transition Streets website:

Want to Start a Transition Streets group?

Contact us at

Central Street Gang

 “Our Transition Streets group had its final meeting last night and to a person folks spoke about the most meaningful aspect of the experience being the building of neighborhood caring and cohesion through getting to know one another…I believe this experience could be summed up by the words, ‘It built resilience in our neighborhood.'”

The Kensington Square Group

 “I would say that one of the greatest benefits of participating in a transition neighborhood group is information. I thought I was pretty well informed before forming this group, but I found that I had/have a lot to learn. It has been exciting to learn of the myriad actions my household can take to reduce energy and water usage, waste, provide our own food, etc.”

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Here are reviews from two neighborhoods who have done it.

“Transition Towns, and now Transition Streets are some of the most logical, well planned and effective societal activities I have seen to begin reacting to the global warming reality we now have. They focus on tangible, useful and fun ways to rebuild our towns and streets in more efficient, less energy reliant ways that also result in a more livable world.”
~ Steve Running, UM Regents Professor of Ecology